Meet the Coaches

Javier A. Sanjuan is the founder and head coach at Olympus Barbell Club.  A 2007 United States Military Academy graduate, Javier always had a passion for strength and conditioning.  Throughout his tenure in the United States Army, where he deployed in support of both Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, he identified a clear need to educate those around him on how to properly train in order to improve their physical fitness and warfighting capabilities.  This passion drove him to pursue certifications and attend seminars in order to provide more to those he counseled while in the service.  After recently transitioning from the military, he continues to provide that same dedicated service to anyone who asks.

Javier is married to his wife Renee and enjoys playing with their dog, working out, spending time with his family, and the occasional scoops of cookies and cream ice cream.  He is a member of the Catalyst Athletics seminar staff that tours the country – and internationally – providing world-class clinics on improving efficiency in the classical lifts.

Renee Website Picture

Renee L. Sanjuan is a 2009 United States Military Academy graduate and a 2012 Kansas State University Masters in Security Studies graduate.  Renee is a determined and ambitious person, never settling for anything less than perfection.  Her determination drove her to graduate in the top 5% of her class at West Point.  That unwavering spirit underlined her efforts to  finish with a 4.0 GPA in her Masters program; be inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi academic honor society; and establish, program, operate, and coach a non-profit CrossFit facility for the Soldiers stationed in her forward operating base, all while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  She is passionate about improving one’s fitness and quality of life, and continues to pursue certifications and seminars to expand her knowledge base.  She is a true testament to disproving the notion that lifting heavy makes women bulky.

Renee is married to Javier, enjoys cooking and spending time with family, and will return for doctorate degree in the Fall of 2016 as she prepares to return to West Point to teach the future generation of Army officers.  She intends to be a member of United States’ Department of State working on foreign policy towards Latin America.