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I would like to welcome you all to my blog for Olympus Barbell Club.  I intend to use this post as a simple tool to 1) share my workouts, 2) discuss things that are on my mind, whether they are about weightlifting, life in general, nutrition, etc., and 3) have another outlet for followers/members to share ideas and thoughts.  I have seen many successful blogs and wanted to give this a shot not for fame, but as another means to getting people to share my enthusiasm for Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, fitness and well-being, and interests outside of it.  I may, at times, write about the NY Mets (the Amazin’ Mets!), my lovely family that I adore with all my heart and would do anything for, or just a thought that runs through my head after hearing a song.

For today, I’ll start with going back to Sunday and writing down my workouts from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Since I haven’t worked out yet today, I’ll be sure post another blog with that as well.

SUNDAY, 12 February 2012

Sunday is normally my day of rest, but I was feeling restless and used it as an opportunity to work on technique and used it as active recovery:

1)      Split Jerk Technique 3 x 3 (focus for me was on hand placement and posture — something I have adjusted in order to be more efficient … or feel more efficient):

20kg – 50kg – 60kg – 70kg – 80kg

2)      Press + Jerks from Split 1 x 3 +3 (This exercise is taken from none other than Donny Shankle, one of my idols in weightlifting.  Weight should be evenly distributed between both legs.  Your dip/drive should be from bending your back knee down and not your torso/chest … stay upright and tight!  Push those hips to be aligned facing forward, clench those butt cheeks and maintain solid core rigidity to help brace the load overhead.  Also, active shoulders!  Press through the bar and into the ceiling.)

20kg – 30kg – 40kg – 50kg

3)      Sotts Press 1 x 3 (A REALLY good movement to help with your overhead strength while in your full, deep, overhead squat position.  A must if you plan on improving on your snatch.)

20kg – 30kg – 40kg – 45kg – 50kg … 50kg got pretty hard at #2, I was really happy to finish the set.

MONDAY, 13 February 2012

Endurance (morning):  3 x 1200m, Rest 2 minutes in between efforts … 4:37; 4:35; 4:31.  I was not able to open up due to the fact that there was snow/ice on the ground.  I did not want to break myself!

1)      Hang Clean and Jerk 5 x 2 (Hang came down to about 2-3 inches above the knee in order to work on getting into scoop and fully into power position before exploding up with the weight)

90kg – 95kg – 100kg – 105kg (F2J) – 110kg (F2J) … I guess I got too tired on the second attempts, but my jerk is easily something I need to work on more.  I don’t have the necessary speed under the bar.

2)      Hang Clean Test 1 x 1 (Trying to PR):  120kg (PR!) – 125kg (F) … elbows not fast enough around the bar.  I was low and quick enough.  I used a little higher of a hang position this time, really stressing my second pull speed after a Hang Clean and Jerk set that already stressed it.

3)      Heavy Clean Pulls with pause before scoop (i.e., right after I clear my knees, I pause for 2-3 seconds to crush my hamstrings and force my body to stay tight and rigid with no bowed back, then hit into my scoop and explode my second pull into a violent shrug and hip drive being fully extended):

140kg x 3 – 150kg x 3 – 160kg x 2 – 170 kg x 2 – 180kg 2 x (1 x 3 Power Shurgs)

TUESDAY, 14 February 2012

First off, I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.  To my wife, who is currently in California – I miss you and love you endlessly.  Thank you for sharing this life with me and making my time in this world that much better.

1)      Snatch (The beloved Snatch … you have been my nemesis, but I have learned to love you!  I had a lot more failures today than I normally do, but I think it was a result of Sunday’s workout.  It caused my shoulders to be a little sore/tender and I was not able to really punch through.)

40kg 1/1/1/1/1
50kg 1/1/1/1/1
70kg 1/1/1/1/1
90kg F/1/F — all failures fell backwards … lots of pulling power!  I probably should have made a smaller jump to help loosen the shoulders up a little more looking back on it.
95kg (my established PR) F/F/F — same thing as 90kg.
100kg F/F/F/F/F — shoulders just went soft on me in the turn over!  Really mad at myself becasue the bar is high enough!  At this point, in my head, I was regretting Sunday.
97kg F/F/F/F/F — Left shoulder was the one that was giving me the problems now.  It felt weaker with a slight pinch.  Now Sunday and Monday’s workouts were really messing with me mentally because I had the weight always overhead and stable enough to come up with it, but my left shoulder would just give out for some reason just enough to make the weight fall.  I normally would not allow myself to continue working out the way I was in the mental state I was in, but I really wanted to get another PR.  Looking back, it was very foolish of me and it goes completely against what one of the great US coaches, Glenn Pendlay, says about hills and valleys and the mental state of weightlifting.  I’m going to taser myself the next time in order to prevent myself from doing that ever again.

2)      WOD:

For time:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of

60kg Front Squat

Time:  8:17

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